Mario Ruggiero, Sales Area Manager, presented an article about a ground improvement made through a combination of jet grouting and rock grouting with MPSP.
The MPSP is an injection technique with TAM pipes and Obturator Bags.


Grouting technologies are ground treatment techniques used for modifying the behaviour of a mass of soil or rock by injecting a mixture. The sleeved port pipes (also called Tube A Manchette) are highly diffused for grouting treatment of coarse soils and fissured rocks. The article describes a combination of jet grouting and rock grouting with MPSP (multiple packer sleeve pipe) technique that has been used to realize waterproof curtains under fluvial structures for a cascade hydro-power plant. The geology of the site is characterized by an upper alluvial deposit lying over the bedrock. In each site, similar treatments were carried out: an impervious curtain along the plant section, obtained by executing jet-grouting columns in the surficial alluvial layers and grouting the underlying fractured rock by means of port pipes. The temporary embankment, built during the works for protecting each site from the possible river floods, has been waterproofed and stabilized by reinforced jet-grouting columns. The grouting processes have been controlled and monitored by a computerized system.
Now you can read the full article in The Grout Line December 2019