Glasspree® GFRP rebars for permanent concrete reinforcement

Glasspree® rebars is Fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) systems for strengthening concrete structures are an alternative to traditional strengthening techniques such as steel plate bonding, section enlargement and external post-tensioning.

FRP systems offer advantages over traditional strengthening techniques: they are lightweight, relatively easy to install and non-corroding.

Why today corrosion is a problem?

  1. Maintenance is a silent cost
  2. Safety of infrastructures along the time
  3. Steel is a great material but it has limited spanlife

Glasspree® bars and rods are made of fiberglass and vinylester resin and are used as reinforcing elements in permanent applications such as:

  • Coastal concrete structures, port facilities, offshore platforms
  • Permanent piles and micropiles
  • Permanent anchors and nails
  • Bridge slabs where de-icing salts are used
  • Concrete elements for the chemical, petrochemical and water treatment industry
  • Sewerage systems
  • Airports
  • Power Plant sites
  • Final tunnel lining
  • Wire meshes or grids for the repair of the final lining of existing tunnels

GFRP are the most practical and cost effective solutions to realize durable and sustainable structures in aggressive alkaline environments. They are the perfect alternative to black steel bars. 100% corrosion resistant, they enable to realize infrastructure with an extended service life to more than 100 years with an incredible saving in maintenance costs. 

Glasspree® rods are made in different shapes and sizes and have the surface completely coated with quartz sand in order to increase the bonding.

In addition, reinforced concrete or masonry structures can be strengthened to better resist wind or seismic loads; reinforced concrete pipes can be coated with FRP to resist higher internal pressures; silos and tanks can be reinforced to withstand higher pressures.

Sireg manufactures according to the European and American standards  (ACI -American Concrete Institute and ASTM – American Society for Testing and Materials)​.

We always supply tests reports in order to guarantee designers, owners and contractors full confidence in their applications.

Keywords: aramid fibers; bridges; buildings; carbon fibers; concrete; corrosion; fiber-reinforced polymers; flexure; glass fiber; shear; stresses; structural analysis; structural design; time-dependent.

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